What is CABI?

The Canadian Acceleration and Business Incubation (CABI) is a national association dedicated to supporting the growth of new and early-stage businesses. We work with industry, government and academia to foster collaboration between business incubators, accelerators, innovation hub, co-working spaces and other key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. 



To advance the success of Business Incubators and Accelerators across Canada while enhancing the knowledge and skills of these professionals and promoting a better understanding of business incubation and acceleration’s role in Canada’s economic development. CABI is Canada’s Voice of Business Incubation and Acceleration.


Our Objectives:

  • Provide resources to assist CABI members in creating and managing effective and sustainable incubation and acceleration programs
  • Communicate developments in national and international incubation and acceleration best practices
  • Promote awareness and support education of incubation and acceleration among community leaders and the general public
  • Improve and provide a variety of resources to CABI members
  • Establish strategic partnerships to benefit CABI members on a local, national and international level


Our Activities:

CABI is Canada’s national organization to represent the interests of accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces in all major sectors, which are tremendous drivers of innovation and discovery and a key contributor to the future of Canada.

  • Knowledge sharing and facilitating on best practices: through partnership, CABI provides specific training, conferences, seminars and workshops to support the development, design and operations of business incubators and accelerators across Canada.
  • Certification and Start-up Visa administration: CABI, in partnership with the federal  Start-up Visa program, is able to review and recommend qualified member organizations to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for certification as a Start-up Visa Incubator/Accelerator. Learn more about the Start-up Visa  here.
  • Industry leadership, including government advocacy and international relations: CABI creates strategic partnerships and alliances nationally and internationally to benefit our members. Many of these partnerships represent both the public and private interests in the industry.


CABI also provides professional support services and resources to help member organizations succeed in their business.


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Our Partners

Thank you for making CABI the voice of Canadian business incubation and acceleration.